The Third Key To Manifestation

The subconscious mind is very powerful it is the center of all creation in your life. Now you must learn to set your goal and learn to release it from your mind. It is like being at a restaurant and ordering a meal and letting the kitchen prepare the meal while you sit there knowing it will be served to you.

This stage would require tools such as visualizing. The best technique is to visualize (seeing the completed goal in your mind or in other words seeing the finished picture) every day for about 5 minutes. The KEY is to engage as much as sensory faculties you can in this session and to get your conscious mind out of the way.

Ultimately you will see how everything around you falls into place like a puzzle in its completion. You will be surprised how life unravels to make you live life on your terms.

I have been following and studying the very best teachers in the industry. I used audiotapes and self-help books. I created the YMIND academy as I had to pass on this knowledge and make it affordable to anyone and everyone.



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