The First Key


The first thing is first you have to cultivate your mind and what I mean by that is get rid of your old negative habits that are deeply rooted in your mind. These habits would form on the basis of many emotions that you might be creating such as fear, anxiety, regret, greed, anger, jealousy, judgment, and self-pity you get the gist.

Science is proving how this state of emotions would affect your health. By thought alone you can trigger your stress hormones which would be detrimental to your health and wellbeing.

By cultivating emotions of well-being such as selflessness, forgiving, generosity, etc. you will be introduced to lasting happiness.

Negative energy is a toxin to your system. And while you can often endure negativity in your mind and body for prolonged periods, negativity ultimately does you no good. Therefore, becoming and staying free from negative emotions and energy is an important strategy in the first step of your journey.

Don't forget the importance of Nature therapy at this stage of your journey. It is a powerful tool to help you combat the negative energy from your mind and body. Nature often heals all negativity.


Thoughts contain energy

The positive intention studies of one researcher in particular, Dr. Masaru Emoto, have revealed that not only do our intentions have the capacity to hurt or help ourselves but our words and intentions also have the capacity to significantly impact those around us.

Since 1994, Emoto has conducted several experiments in which his team of researchers observed the effects of spoken word, prayer, music, and images on crystals of frozen water. The photographs captured in response to these stimuli revealed “beautiful crystals” forming in response to positive words and phrases, music, and “pure prayer.” Conversely, when spoken to or influenced negatively, the water molecules appeared disfigured and broken in the photographs (Emoto, 2010).

Dr. Emoto chose to focus his research on water molecules because water comprises approximately 70% of the fluids in the human body, so the connection is obvious. For years, Dr. Emoto has been publishing the results of his studies in his Messages from Water book series, and a sampling of the photographs can be seen online at

So, as you can see if you have bad thoughts, it fuels bad energy and in return can also make you sick. (Puts you in a low energy state of mind)

In order to cultivate your mind, you have to work on your self-awareness so that you realise the thoughts that is taking place within you.

Awareness in all its forms is the very essence of meditation. Individuals who meditate naturally develop self-awareness over time. They’re able to take note of their feelings, thoughts, and physical sensations more clearly and vividly. They may also be able to identify their own characters, such as how they react in different situations, and their behaviors and habits. Self-awareness allows people to see themselves in a different, more honest light. It may also unearth deep-seated emotions that they hadn’t perceived before.

 As you grow in self-awareness you will be able to recognise your thoughts and be conscious of them. This will assist you to stop and observe your thoughts and take the path you want to instead of an automatic response.


How to:

Go to YIMD Academy YouTube website (links given below) and pick any 10-minute meditation/relaxation that you feel would help you. Get into the habit for listening to it daily first thing in the morning as you are awaking from your sleep.Make meditaion a regular part of your life.  



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