The Journey

 The Master Your Mind Course

Life will follow the natural laws that govern it. Once we understand these laws, we will have a better understanding of how life works. This will help us in achieving the life we want as our reality. You need to know how to tune in to the right frequency like tuning to your favorite radio station or TV channel. Life has provided full of abundance, it’s you who selected a cup or a pale to fill your life with. This program intends to guide you with the knowledge that you can use throughout life. If I can sum up this entire program in one statement it would be: The mindset continues to shape the world around you. As per the saying “When the student is ready, the teacher will appear” (Buddha Siddhartha Guatama Shakyamuni) only a few will be ready for this teaching.

The Master Your Mind Program includes -

The following training packages:

        The Power Mindset Mastery Package

        The Winning Mindset Formula Package

        The Power of Visualization Package

        4 powerful sets of affirmations


The above course will guide you to master the 3 major Keys needed to tune yourself to the Law of Attraction. Use the tools required within the Ymind YouTube channel in conjunction with the program. Scroll down to the summary for a quick overview of your journey.


 The 3 keys to Master.

  • Cultivate your mind
  • Change your old self
  • Visualization


Every person wants to create wealth, good health and happiness. There are three vital keys to master first. Once you understand and apply these 3 keys you will be able to start the creation process.

🔑Cultivate your Mind – The 1st Key

The first thing is first you have to cultivate your mind and what I mean by that is get rid of your old negative habits that are deeply rooted in your mind. These habits would form on the basis of many emotions that you might be creating such as fear, anxiety, regret, greed, anger, jealousy, judgment, and self-pity you get the gist.

Science is proving how this state of emotions would affect your health. By thought alone you can trigger your stress hormones which would be detrimental to your health and wellbeing.

By cultivating emotions of well-being such as selflessness, forgiving, generosity, etc. you will be introduced to lasting happiness.

Negative energy is a toxin to your system. And while you can often endure negativity in your mind and body for prolonged periods, negativity ultimately does you no good. Therefore, becoming and staying free from negative emotions and energy is an important strategy in the first step of your journey.

Don't forget the importance of Nature therapy at this stage of your journey. It is a powerful tool to help you combat the negative energy from your mind and body. Nature often heals all negativity.


Thoughts contain energy

The positive intention studies of one researcher in particular, Dr. Masaru Emoto, have revealed that not only do our intentions have the capacity to hurt or help ourselves but our words and intentions also have the capacity to significantly impact those around us.

Since 1994, Emoto has conducted several experiments in which his team of researchers observed the effects of spoken word, prayer, music, and images on crystals of frozen water. The photographs captured in response to these stimuli revealed “beautiful crystals” forming in response to positive words and phrases, music, and “pure prayer.” Conversely, when spoken to or influenced negatively, the water molecules appeared disfigured and broken in the photographs (Emoto, 2010).

Dr. Emoto chose to focus his research on water molecules because water comprises approximately 70% of the fluids in the human body, so the connection is obvious. For years, Dr. Emoto has been publishing the results of his studies in his Messages from Water book series, and a sampling of the photographs can be seen online at

So, as you can see if you have bad thoughts, it fuels bad energy and in return can also make you sick. (Puts you in a low energy state of mind)

In order to cultivate your mind, you have to work on your self-awareness so that you realise the thoughts that is taking place within you.

Awareness in all its forms is the very essence of meditation. Individuals who meditate naturally develop self-awareness over time. They’re able to take note of their feelings, thoughts, and physical sensations more clearly and vividly. They may also be able to identify their own characters, such as how they react in different situations, and their behaviors and habits. Self-awareness allows people to see themselves in a different, more honest light. It may also unearth deep-seated emotions that they hadn’t perceived before.

 As you grow in self-awareness you will be able to recognise your thoughts and be conscious of them. This will assist you to stop and observe your thoughts and take the path you want to instead of an automatic response.


How to:

Go to YIMD Academy YouTube website (links given below) and pick any 10-minute meditation/relaxation that you feel would help you. Get into the habit for listening to it daily first thing in the morning as you are awaking from your sleep.Make meditaion a regular part of your life.  



Guided Meditation For Positiveness

 Guided Meditation For Helping Mental Health Problems -

Extremely Powerful Guided Meditation by Dr Joe Dispenza -

!!POWERFUL! Guided Visualization Meditation -

Guided Meditation to Ease Anxiety and Stress -



Relaxing Tropical Rainforest with Birds Ambience -


🔑Change your old self – 2nd Key

Now know that your journey in changing your life has begun. It is said that from a baby to age 12 our minds are like a sponge. We absorb all things from our parents, and the people around us and then create are beliefs with them. We also form some of our own beliefs. The finished product would be your self-image.

In order to change yourself, you have to go deep into your root beliefs which are stored in the subconscious mind like a computer program sitting on a computer. In order to change your old beliefs, you will be using affirmations to replace your old self-beliefs with new ones.


In order to change yourself, you have to go deep into your root beliefs which are stored in the subconscious mind like a computer program sitting in a computer. In order to change your old beliefs, you will be using affirmations to replace your old self-beliefs with new ones.

 Scientists believe that only about 3% of your brain’s processing power goes toward your conscious mind — the thoughts, ideas, and decisions you make every day.

The other 97% is used for subconscious and automatic functions, like digesting food and breathing. Your habits and beliefs also fall under that 97%, which goes to show that your subconscious is very powerful.

In other words, if your subconscious is not checked you are heading toward more failures.

The change is not easy but by using the right techniques and being consistent you can do it.

It is important that you understand how your brain works so that you strengthen your belief that you can develop a winning mindset. Taking consistent action is essential for the development of a winning mindset.

 Complete The Winning Mindset Formula Package videos or audios and use the set of affirmations provided. This powerful combination will guide you to Change Your Old Self and develop a Winning Mindset – The 2nd Key.


I am a massive believer in self-development; I believe it is for everyone. Using affirmations will help shift your mindset and change your story and belief system within you. And, remember, what you believe to be true about yourself has so much power over you, your performance, and your success, whether you believe it or not. It is a powerful tool that can be used for you or against you.



When you purchase the program, you will receive 4 sets of powerful affirmations. Each set You will provide 20-30 affirmations looped. You will receive the 4 below affirmations in 2 different versions. One would be for repetitive listening and the other is used to meditate on the affirmations.

  • Self-image building
  • Motivation building
  • Financial freedom
  • For good health



You can let affirmations into your subconscious mind in different methods.

✅ Repetition

✅ Meditation

Using the voice only affirmations with no background music will be using the repetition method

The keys to know – For repetitive listening

  • Do not meditate on the words
  • By listening to it over and over again I want you to come to a point where you will know what is said next, like listening to an old record where you finally know the lyrics and sing along with it.
  • Do not try to reflect on it, because your conscious mind would take over and try to make you believe that you can never be or currently not what is being said.

When you were born you had no name, you were just a new human being who entered into the world with no baggage in your mind. Your parents gave you a name and started to call you using it. At first you had no clue but then as the repetition continued you took on the name and now you are one with the name and you are inseparable.

The technique used above is the same just keeping repeating it over and over. Never try to force to remember the affirmations. Let it come with time.

 “It’s the repetition of affirmations that leads to belief. And once that belief becomes deep conviction things begin to happen “

-Muhammad Ali -

Using the voice only affirmations with background music will be using the meditation method

Using the Meditation affirmations with background music + Theta beats

 Our brains operate on different frequencies at different times. Given below are the frequencies.

Delta waves (. 5 to 3 Hz) ...

Theta waves (3 to 8 Hz) Theta brainwaves occur most often in sleep but are also dominant in deep meditation. ...

Alpha waves (8 to 12 Hz) ...

Beta waves (12 to 38 Hz) ...

Gamma waves (38 to 42 Hz)

 Theta (4-8 Hz)

Theta waves are strong during internal focus, meditation, prayer, and spiritual awareness. It reflects the state between wakefulness and sleep and relates to the subconscious mind.

I came to realize that the subconscious has the answers to all our problems and influences what happens to us on a conscious level. The subconscious never rests. In fact, many of the world’s most successful people intentionally direct the workings of their subconscious mind while they are sleeping. That is how Thomas Edison invented the light bulb.

Therefore, use the affirmations with the theta waves to let the affirmations sink into your subconscious mind.

Please make sure you are seated and resting at the time of listening to these audios. Do not operate any machinery nor be driving whilst listening to this audio.


Keeping a positive mindset – The ongoing Battle with the renewed mindset

Having or taking a positive mindset approach is just one step in the process of changing your mindset. This together with the tools I provide you will help you in the journey to change your mindset and finally the whole world around you. During the period of change, it is a very difficult period as you will be moving in and out of your old habits. This is why you need to keep yourself positively charged daily. I suggest that you listen to the Motivation + Education videos provided free on my youtube channel daily may be in your commute to work. The motivational videos will keep you ignited and the educational videos will reinforce the reason behind why your change is so Important. This is what I did.


Inspirational Speech for Success (Featuring Elon Musk, Jim Rohn and Jeff Bezos)

"DREAM BIG" | Denzel Washington Motivational Speech-

"GET UNSTUCK!" | Les Brown Motivational Speech-


Unlocking The Subconscious Mind -

20 Minutes That Can Change Your Life

My Life Experience I Give To You -

The Positive Implications of the Placebo Effect -

Where Do You Spend Your Time -

The Biology of Belief -


🔑Visualization - To harness the full potential of the subconscious mind to manifest – 3rd Key.

The subconscious mind is very powerful it is the center of all creation in your life. Now you must learn to set your goal and learn to release it from your mind. It is like being at a restaurant and ordering a meal and letting the kitchen prepare the meal while you sit there knowing it will be served to you.

This stage would require tools such as visualizing. The best technique is to visualize (seeing the completed goal in your mind or in other words seeing the finished picture) every day for about 5 minutes. The KEY is to engage as much as sensory faculties you can in this session and to get your conscious mind out of the way.

Ultimately you will see how everything around you falls into place like a puzzle in its completion. You will be surprised how life unravels to make you live life on your terms.

I have been following and studying the very best teachers in the industry. I used audiotapes and self-help books. I created the YMIND academy as I had to pass on this knowledge and make it affordable to anyone and everyone.


USE THE TOOLS PROVIDED – Power of Visualization Package in the Master Mind Program



Use the below-given MAP for a quick overview of your journey


🔑Cultivate your - The 1st Key

I recommend you listen to the 10-minute guided meditation of your choice daily first thing in the morning.

🔑Change your Old self and accept your new self -2nd Key

Complete The Winning Mindset Formula Package videos or audios recommend that you listen to affirmations of your choice. I used the affirmations without the music (Repetitive affirmations) during my commute to work. You could use the affirmation with the theta beats (Meditation Affirmations) during the weekend when you are at home.

Keep a positive mindset

Listen to the free Motivation + Education videos interchangeably. The motivation will give you the fuel you need to push you to stay strong and move on. The educational audio would make you realise the importance of why you are following the program. It will teach you how your perception affects the outer world around you and start to help you gravitate toward your dreams and aspirations. I listen to them on my commute to work instead of listening to the radio station.

  🔑Visualize -3rd Key - Manifestation

 When your day is done and you get to bed you can do a 5-minute visualization session. Enjoy every minute of it. (Use a time that is most suitable to you) Bring all your emotions into it. You can use an old happy memory and use the feeling you get from it to infuse your current creation in thought. Remember you shouldn’t be thinking of it all the time. Once done release it to the higher power. Now be in the knowing that anything that comes your way is helping put the future you ordered into reality, so don’t worry when changes occur and new people come into your life.

When you are starting on your manifestation journey, especially for a beginner, it is natural to feel anxious, scared, and apprehensive about the road ahead. Facing something new or unfamiliar will always evoke negative feelings.

keep your spirits up and move forward. Then there will reach a stage when you feel a strange feeling of calmness and contentment. This feeling of being in the driver’s seat tells you that you are now creating and it is a matter of time. 

If you have purchased the program then I wish you all the very best. If not, what are you waiting for? If you are uncertain then don’t proceed as you are not ready yet.