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The Power of Concentration is a book by William Walker Atkinson, published in 1918 under the name Theron Q. Dumont. The book contains 20 lessons on how to improve and use your concentration.

Chapters include:

Concentration Finds The Way;

The Self-Mastery.

Self-Direction Power Of Concentration;

How To Gain What You Want Through Concentration;

Concentration, The Silent Force That Produces Results In All Business;

How Concentrated Thought Links All Humanity Together;

The Training Of The Will To Do; The Concentrated Mental Demand;

Concentration Gives Mental Poise’ Concentration Can Overcome Bad Habits;

Business Results Gained Through Concentration;

Concentrate On Courage;

Concentrate On Wealth;

You Can Concentrate, But Will You?;

Art Of Concentrating With Practical Exercise.;

Concentrate So You Will Not Forget;

How Concentration Can Fulfill Your Desire;

Ideals Develop By Concentration;

Mental Control Through Creation;

A Concentrated Will Development;

And, Concentration Reviewed.

 This book has 75 pages in the PDF version, and was originally published in 1918.