Decision Making


He that will not command his thoughts will soon lose command of his actions.                -     THOMAS WILSON -

 A family is ready to take a vacation. The father has been given vacation time by his employer. They have the money in the bank for a trip. "But where shall we go ?" they say. "I'd like to go fishing", the father says. "I'd like to go to the mountains", says Mother. "Let's go to Disneyland!" shouts the children. Day after day they argue and no decision is reached. Or, if they start out for the mountains, they go only a little way before Father's idea prevails and they turn back toward the lake; but before they reach the lake, the children have made such a fuss that the parents agree it would be better to turn back toward Disneyland to keep the peace in the family. Meantime they are wasting their vacation by failing to come to a decision. This is an example of how the thoughts of one own's mind go around and round in trying to make a decision. The person who is unable to make a decision never gets far in any direction.

The subconscious mind is continually executing the orders given to it by the conscious mind. But what about those orders? We have found that the subconscious mind responds to the order to the extent that it is believed by the conscious mind. Where there is indecision, where the mind is pointing in one direction one moment and another and another direction the next moment, the subconscious mind gets completely confused. It no sooner starts out to fill one order than it receives another. It wants to comply. It knows only to be the faithful servant, but what is it going to do? 
Therefore training your mind to be more decisive so that it does not blind the subconscious mind is a crucial point in your development.
This is a passage is from Jack Addington's book Psychogenesis. I keep dear to my heart. This is the book that got me started from a very early stage to start looking at why some people navigate through life much easier and why some struggle.

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